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Holi Fest Organized by  RJ Dance Academy Lucknow 

Dated 21 March 2021
Holi Party organized by RJ Dance Academy at Kas Lodge Vikas Nagar in which people of all ages took part and celebrated the Holi Party fiercely. Among the distinguished guests, Tarun Upreti, Deepak Gautam, Rohit Kumar, Rosie, Sanyam Dinger, Dheeraj Kumar, Pankaj Rawat, Sarthak Sinha, Shivani Pandey, Siva Kumar, Mantasha Bano, Sandeep Sahu, Yasha Rawat Verma were all present today. The brand ambassadors of the event were Nishtha Singhal (dancer and model) and Shreya Bindal (dancer and model). Dance performances of some children like Pranjal, Shivam, Aniket, Aaradhya Dwivedi, Akanksha, Akshat Sharma, Saurabh Rawat, Muskan Singh etc. captivated the audience and the entire program was organized by Ramji Mishra.

In the end, in a few words, he added, in this way: – “Through your work in someone’s life

When the colors of happiness fill, this is the true name of Holi “.




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