Amit Shah on National Space Day


Last Updated: Aug 26, 2023


Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said that a true leader stands by his people through every circumstance. In a social media post, Mr. Shah said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi flew directly to Bengaluru from Greece on Saturday morning, to meet the ISRO scientists who are behind India’s successful moon mission, Chandrayaan 3. He added that Mr Modi’s inspiring address to the scientists in Bengaluru was an ode to India’s stupendous achievement that reached the skies.


The Union Home Minister said that the 23rd of August is a historic day for India, as it marks the accomplishment of its lunar mission Chandrayaan 3 and today, the Prime Minister announced it as ‘National Space Day’, so that the story of India’s scientists’ success behind this mission reaches every future generation. This decision will continue to inspire Indian scientists to achieve newer heights in the realm of space exploration, holding the pride of the ‘Tiranga’ aloft.


Mr Shah added that with the historic success of India’s lunar mission, the countries scientists have imprinted an indelible mark on the sands of time. To commemorate this achievement, Prime Minister Modi named the landing spot of Chandrayaan-3 ‘Shivshakti,’ and the location where Chandrayaan-2 fell ‘Tiranga’, to remind us that ‘No failure is permanent’.

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