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July 16, 2024
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Fesschain: The Blockchain Giant in India

Fesschain: The Blockchain Giant in India

New Delhi, Delhi, India

The Blockchain Ecosystem has been on a rise since its inception, and has gained its grip across the world with a rise in the number of projects on Blockchain. Among all the rivals in Block Chain, Fesschain is leading the pack and is here to prove that the world is going to be a better & revolutionary place to live.

Fesschain: The Blockchain Giant in India

Digifinex, a top-notch exchange in the field, announced recently the Super Sale of Fesschain tokens in its exchange. The sale has already begun from March 1, 5:30 pm IST and the subscription period for this exchange will be til March 31. To our surprise, Fesschain tokens were sold out in less than a minute. 

In the meantime, Fesschain also revealed it’s latest & updated roadmap, which including other important things, fixes the mainnet, dated in October 2020. To make things better on a ground level, Fess Army Initiative (FAI) was started by the CEO of Fesschain in Surat, on March 1, 2020. The objective behind FAI was to augment the gain of the Fess token holders by offering them interest on their stacked tokens. 

Recently in an interview with Mr. Durga Prasad Tripathi, Global CEO & Founder of Fesschain, shared the details about the products & applications of Fesschain. When asked about Mr. Durga Prasad Tripathi’s language skills that he made a Chinese speak in “Hindi”, he replies, “Somewhat yes, somewhat no. It really felt great to be in a loop, and it really went well with our partner exchange. Can’t express in words, but yes, it really felt awesome.”

On asking about Mr. Durga’s Fess vacation in Africa, he says, “You never know! I cannot confirm it at this moment. It is up to you, whether you see the glass partly filled or partly empty.”

In this opportunity to interview Mr. Durga Prasad Tripathi, we gained many insights into the Fesschain platform. Asking about what is FessPay and how is it different from other Digital Money Transfer platforms, Mr. Durga said, “Unlike other digital money transfer platforms, FassPay is a P2P platform, with the help of which, two individuals can make transactions without the need of any third party assistance. Through blockchain, this transaction can be done securely and in an explicit manner. Not only this, the transaction cost and fees will be trivial as compared to the presently working P2P platforms.

Another question that arose in our mind during the interview was how Fesschain is helpful to the Indian Economy and does it solve any structural issues. To this Mr. Durga replied, “In today’s economy, Data is the most important facet, and Indian plan makers lack the Data. Fesschain, being an AI powered Blockchain, gives you the benefit of collecting Data from numerous sectors of the Indian Economy. This will enable the policy makers to make right decisions to keep the people informed, and will be able to deliver precise services to the masses. In addition to this, blockchain opens ways to make things better & even more harmonised.

Now, addressing the second part of your question, Fesschain offers one of it’s part for social commitments, and will aid the farmers in performing their farming activities.”

When asked to tell us something about his blockchain hub in Noida, and what purpose it serves, Mr. Durga said, “With the generous support of a real estate giant, the Spectrum@metro, Fesschain has started a blockchain hub in Noida. Firstly, it serves a purpose of delivering technical & financial support to the entrepreneurs who aim to achieve a great place in the field of blockchain. Secondly, it opens up new realms of work, hence creating & bearing jobs in the Indian Economy. The purpose of blockchain hub is to increase the adoption of blockchain in our country, which will recoup the loss of jobs in many other sectors. This will be done by creating new job opportunities in the blockchain field.

We were curious to know how Fesschain is going to help the common people. Mr. Durga had a concrete answer to this. He said, “Fesschain focuses in bringing lot many products that are of use to the common people like, content sharing platform, market place to buy & sell the products or services, and more. Additionally, we have other bigger plans too. Think of an AI powered shopping mall, where there is a least requirement of human assistance. This is something one of it’s kind. Furthermore, Fesschain will create mobile wallets that will contain Fess tokens, which can be used to pay for anything that you wish to buy from the market.”

I think blockchain has a brilliant future in India as well as in the world. Though, Indians respond timidly to such changes, but I think they will soon catch up the pace with the rest of the world. In this ages of technology where China has also created a policy framework on blockchain, I don’t think India will lag behind anywhere. Government can offer better services to its citizens with the help of many of those use cases of blockchain. For example, Government can counteract the act of unlawful documentations by bestowing degree or mark-sheets directly through blockchain,Mr. Tripathi told us about the growth and development of blockchain in India, since there is no clear policy or regulation by the Government.

Asking about when are we going to hear next thing about Fess, Mr. Durga says, “Anytime you wish to know more about us.” 

Blockchain has paved way for many new aspects. The progress of blockchain in Indian Economy is high. Today, companies need to analyse whether stepping into the field of blockchain aligns with their business goals or not. The journey of blockchain is filled with challenges, and promises both. There is still a long way to go. 

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