Rajya Sabha passes Anusandhan National Research Foundation Bill, 2023


Rajya Sabha passes Anusandhan National Research Foundation Bill, 2023


Parliament has passed the Anusandhan National Research Foundation Bill, 2023 with Rajya Sabha approving it today. The Lok Sabha has already passed it. The Bill seeks to establish the Anusandhan National Research Foundation to provide high-level strategic direction for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the fields of natural sciences including mathematical sciences, engineering, and technology, and environmental and earth sciences. The Bill repeals the Science and Engineering Research Board Act, 2008, and dissolves the Science and Engineering Research Board set up under it.


Replying to the discussion on the Bill, Science and Technology Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken several path-breaking decisions since 2014. He said under the Prime Minister’s leadership, several steps have been taken by the Government to strengthen the ecosystem for the promotion of science and innovation in the country. He said this Bill is going to be a turning point for India.

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