Second G20-Chief Scientific Advisers’ Roundtable meeting concludes with release of the outcome document


Last Updated: Aug 28, 2023


The second G20-Chief Scientific Advisers’ Roundtable meeting concluded today with the release of the outcome document and the Chair’s summary.


Addressing the press conference after the concluding session, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India Ajay Kumar Sood said all the G 20 countries agreed on working together on leveraging opportunities in one health for better disease prevention and pandemic preparedness, synergizing global efforts to expand access to scholarly scientific knowledge ensuring equity diversity in Science and technology ecosystem and creating an inclusive action-oriented global science advice mechanism.


He said that G20 CS AR was launched as a Sherpa initiative under the Indian presidency for the first time.


Science advisors, Scientists, researchers from G 20 countries, and invited countries took part in the meeting. During the day-long meeting, and discussed critical issues pertaining to scientific research and technology development.   

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